Traditional Cigars Vs. Electronic Cigars
Comparing the two is like comparing an automatic vehicle to a manual vehicle. They both perform differently, yet get you where you want to go.

Truthfully, E-Cigars are so new, most cigar enthusiast are not sure what to make of it when they first hear of them, yet, most are intrigued.

Lets clear up some of the confusion. Vapor cigars are for the sole purpose of enjoyment of that of a cigar enthusiast. They offer a completely enhanced flavor experience and user experience as the cigar e juice has been carefully designed to bring out flavor notes that would not typically be available in a traditional cigar, due to combustion/burning of tobacco and leaf.  Most cigar enthusiast will be pleasantly surprised as to how good an e-cigar taste.

Secondly and maybe the most convincing aspect to the "electronic" version is the pure convenience of them. The ability to use them in the house while watching a program or in ones car without the fear of staining the couch or car fabric with a strong tobacco odor.
While vapor cigars do give a nice aroma, the aroma does dissipate much faster then that of a traditional stick.  The ability to simply put it away or in your pocket on the go allows for less commitment then that of  traditional cigar. Traditional cigars do offer their own experience and one typically has to find 30-60 minuets of solitude to partake.

Thirdly, there is the health component and benefits an e cigar provides. With its ability to naturally eliminate 2nd and 3rd hand smoke, while still providing a great cigar experience.
Many enthusiast do pick enjoy this aspect of the electronic versions.

Yet, a true cigar experience is still one of great enjoyment. Taking the time to relax and enjoy a perfectly aged & prepared tobacco cigar provides some experiences the electronic version can not provide. Like the thick, lingering aroma and preferred aftertaste. The attempt to see how long one can go without ashing.

Cigars are a thing of beauty and both Traditional and Electronic versions have their place and time.

-Aristo Cigars