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The Executive Kit E Cigar V2 - Rechargeable Electronic Cigar - Back Ordered

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The Executive Kit E Cigar V2 - Rechargable Electronic Cigar - FREE SHIPPING! (Domestic)
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The Executive Kit E Cigar... For The Cigar Enthusiast That Knows What They Want!
Introducing The ARISTO CIGAR Version 2 - All New Technology! (Patented)

The All New Version 2 Brings The Electronic Cigar Experience To A Completely New Level.

Let Us Explain This Game Changing E Cigar!

*With all new " True Feel Wrap" encasing not only the mouth piece, but the entire e cigar.
This gives the entire cigar a soft natural feel unlike any e-cigar in the world!

*We changed the game with adding the all new Aristo Cigar clearomizer tank.
The Aristo Cigar clearomizer provides the PURIST taste of your cigar e liquid as there is no more cotton filler.
No more need to buy replacement cartomizers. Simply change the coil in the tank when it
is finished and refill your Aristo Cigar clearomizer. (Replacement Coils Available On Accessories Page).

*Finally The Aristo Cigar Battery has been upgraded to a powerful 900 Mah battery, with adjusted threading
to be compatible with the leak resistant clearomizer.

*Note: The Aristo Cigar Version 2 Is NOT Compatible With Version 1 Accessories

Executive Aristo Cigar V2 Kit Contains:

*Two Aristo Cigar V2 Batteries-- 900mah 
*One Clearomizer Tank (coil included)
*One Charging Cable
*One 5 Pack Of Coils
*One 30ml Bottle Of Aristo Reserve (Your Choice
*One Instruction Manuel

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