When buying a E Cigar or Vapor Cigar, what is it you need to know making the right choice? That's a great question; if you are a cigar enthusiast that is considering an electronic cigar brand to try, we will let you know what to look for.
Now there are several brands on the market that are worth a look; they include veppo e cigar, cuvana e cigar, antonio villard cigars and of course Aristo E Cigars.

Whether choosing our brand or another brand, here are the key things to know and to look for in purchasing an electronic cigar!

Buying A Disposable E Cigar Uncovered:

1) BATTERY LIFE!  Look for companies that disclose the battery capacity in MAH. A good disposable will and should have a min. 900 mAH battery for realistic performance to a real cigar, but more important, a 900 mAH battery will give you the best battery life for your cigar.
If the cigar is stating 1800 puffs and it is sporting less then a 900 mAH battery, you will never reach puff 500, give or take. 

*Our Master Disposable E Cigar is indeed equipped with only the best quality 900 mAH batteries and fully guaranteed.

2) FLAVOR!  Many e-cigar companies or brands go right after the flavor all us cigar enthusiast most recognize....CUBAN! 

Here is the thing, "CUBAN CIGAR" taste can mean nearly anything depending on whom you ask. Look for a detailed description of the taste on the product page. If there is not one or if it is lacking and vague, there is a good chance the "e cigar company" in question doesn't know either. The reason for this is simple. Most companies simply tell their manufacture overseas (china) "we want cuban flavor" and that is that.  This in our book, is a BIG NO NO.

* At Aristo Cigars, we manufacture our own cigar e juice here in the US. The same e juice, specifically is injected into our disposable Master e cigar "cuban gold". - we invite you to review for your self.  Note: no other electronic cigar company can make this claim.

3) Price Point! Short and simple... if you are paying over $20 for an e cigar you are paying to much period. We cut no corners in our products and happily sell below $20 a stick.

* While a cigar enthusiast will pay top dollar for a high quality stick, knowing what top dollar for a quality e cigar helps.