Aristo reserve is the first e-liquid line that is totally dedicated to only cigar flavors. Aristo Reserve currently has 4 flavors. They range from a savory sweet to a bold cuban flavor.
Aristo Reserve is made up of 4 flavors Carmilla Clouds, Jules Secret, Cuban Robusto and Cuban Gold. 

 Carmilla Clouds is a sweet caramel flavored tobacco it is by far one of the most popular flavors in the Aristo Reserve Line.

 Jules Secret is a mystery of sweet and tobacco all rolled into one. It has hints of vanilla mixed with tobacco. 
Cuban Gold is a rich tobacco flavor with hints of a sweet and robust flavor that will leave you wanting more after every puff. 
Cuban Robusto is a bold tobacco flavor that really resembles a Cuban Cigar. This is the perfect flavor for anyone who enjoys a rich cuban cigar taste. 

 My top two choices are the Carmilla Clouds and Cuban Robusto the flavors are so amazing in the Aristo Refillable E-Cigar. The cartomizer in the Aristo really brings out all the flavor notes and really makes you feel like your puffing on an actual cigar.