About An Electronic Cigar:

Electronic Cigars are battery powered devices that look and for the most part feel like a real cigar depending on the quality of the e cigar  you purchase. The Aristo E Cigar reputation as a world class electronic cigar speaks for its' self when determining what a "premium" e cigar truly is. Aristo spared no expense in designing a one of a kind premium e cigar. 

Are E Cigars Safe?

Despite what large 3rd party interest's are saying, there are no negative results to report regarding the use of an “e cigar”.  While the electronic cigar has only been around 2-3 years, it has gained much popularity. Mainly for the following reasons: Indoor use, Flavors, selection in nicotine strength, Almost No Odor, Better alternative then traditional cigars.

The thing to understand is that there are 4 ingredients in the e liquid in your e cigar.

1) Food grade glycol, 2) Water, 3) Flavoring, 4)Nicotine (various strength depending on consumers selection)

Additionally, there is no combustion with electronic cigars, unlike traditional cigars.

While we all enjoy a real stick from time to time, the effects are far greater on your body than that of an electronic version.

While e cigars are still in an early state, it is clear that they are a better alternative.  The e cigar will continue to grow and in time we will have more data, but for now, only having 4 ingredients with no combustion seems to be the easy choice and answer for most. NOTE: We make no health claims

What Is In An E Cigar?

Please Note: This is a general description of the ingredients found in an electronic cigar or their e liquid, as the quality of ingredients  and engineering of each brands e cigar e liquid does vary. 

- Aristo E Cigar Juices Contain Only Premium Ingredients & Is Formulated & Mixed In The U.S. 

1) Food grade glycol, 2) Water, 3) Flavoring, 4)Nicotine (various strength depending on consumers selection)

How Does An E Cigar Work?

An e-cigar has 3 main parts:

1).  battery 2).  cartridge or cartomizer (holds the e liquid) 3). sensor / activation chip

Please note: This is a general description of the operations of an electronic cigar, as the engineering from battery to cartomizer differs from brand to brand.

When one draws on an electronic cigar the air flow is detected by the sensor chip internally in your e cigar. The battery activates which powers the atomizer inside the cartridge vaporizing the e liquid in it and producing vapor.

It is also important to note that your e cigars battery is not in use or being drained when not in use.

What is the difference between a Disposable E-Cigar and a Rechargeable E-Cigar?

Decisions, decisions. So you are new to electronic cigars and you don’t know which e-cigar option is best for you. There is a disposable option that seems reasonable and you are used to throwing your cigar away, but there’s this really cool rechargeable option too that lets you put what ever liquid you want into your cigar. 

No need to worry we are going to break down the difference between rechargeable and disposable cigars.

We will start with Disposable Electronic Cigars since that is what the majority of people have seen on the market. A disposable electronic cigar is almost exactly what it sounds like. You use it until its dead and then you just throw it away. For many this is a convenient option because you don’t have to worry about recharging your battery or filling it up with e-juice. 

The next option is the Rechargeable Electronic Cigar which is still very new to the market. This is the more cost effective way between disposable and rechargeable e-cigars. The rechargeable cigar is for a cigar enthusiasts who enjoys the real cigar experience. A rechargeable cigar will normally have a stronger more flavorful taste. Due to the fact that the cartomizer is bigger and better than a disposable e-cigar. A rechargeable will also produce more vapor making it more like the real cigar experience we all love. You also have the option of putting what ever flavor you want into the e-cigar. You can use one of our cigar flavor e-liquids and make it taste like an actual cigar. Or you can make it taste like bubble gum it is up to you. 

Now this is a very, very shortened version of the difference between a disposable and rechargeable electronic cigar but hopefully it provides you with some insight into which option is the best for you.