Aristo Reserve E-Juice a must try for any Cigar Lover

Posted by Puffin with Petta on 12/15/2014 to Cigar E-Juice
Aristo reserve is the first e-liquid line that is totally dedicated to only cigar flavors. Aristo Reserve currently has 4 flavors. They go from a savory sweet to a bold cuban flavor.

The difference between a Disposable E-Cigar and a Rechargeable E-Cigar

Posted by Puffin with Petta on 12/12/2014 to E-Cigar
Decisions, decisions. So you are new to electronic cigars and you don’t know which e-cigar option is best for you. There is a disposable option that seems reasonable and you are used to throwing your cigar away, but there’s this really cool rechargeable option too that lets you put what ever liquid you want into your cigar.

Traditional Cigars Vs. Electronic Cigars

Posted by StickMan on 12/10/2014 to E-Cigar
Traditional Cigars Vs. Electronic Cigars
Comparing the two is like comparing an automatic vehicle to a manual vehicle. They both perform differently, yet get you where you want to go......