General Liability Release:

By purchasing or using Aristo Cigars products you agree to release Aristo Cigars and its parent/affiliate companies of all liability included to but not limited product liability, product failure, bodily injury or illness.  This is a general liability release: all customers agree to upon purchasing and using Aristo Cigar products. Additionally, by gifting Aristo Cigars products to other individuals that did not purchase from Aristo Cigars, you assume liability for any and all gifting our the Aristo Cigars product/s  2009-Present (update 1/6/2011). By checking the box at check out you agree in full to these terms and conditions.

Understand Battery Safety & Proper Use:

-          Your proper working battery has a cut off safety mechanism that allows the battery to engage for a limited amount of time per puff then disengages.

-          Charge on hard service or in climate controlled area

-          Use proper charging cord

-          Do not let e liquid (any liquid) enter into the battery (can case a short and malfunction limiting your batteries life or breaking it)

-          Changing your coils regularly is a good practice that helps reduce e liquid ever entering your battery

-          Do not leave your battery in extreme heat, extreme cold environments, extended exposure to direct sun, etc.

-          If a battery does become warm or hot, dispose of immediately

-          Know when a battery is malfunctioning. The battery tip stays lit or acts irregularly by on its own, when charging or becomes unmorally warm. These are a signs that something has happened to the battery and should discontinue to use immediately. Contact Aristo Cigars for replacement if your battery is still under warranty.

-          Using old batteries; a battery is considered old after 1 year of use. Rechargeable batteries are not meant to be recharged forever, they do have a life span. Pay extra attention to batteries over 1 year old.

-          Do not over tighten clearomizers / tanks to your battery. This can cause damage to the battery internally causing the battery to not work properly

-          Ensure your coils are firmly tightened into the base of your clearomizer/tank. Loose coils can cause leakage and lead to a broken battery.

-          Please use all batteries responsibly and at your own risk.