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Aristo E Cigar - Rechargable Electronic Cigar Kit

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Aristo E Cigar V2 Kit - Rechargable E-Cigar - FREE SHIPPING! (Domestic)
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Introducing The All New Aristo Rechargeable E Cigar!

This Electronic Cigar Is A Game Changer!

The new design gives this cigar an all new soft sided feel from the mouth piece to the battery!
With the all new clearomizer design tank system, feeling your cigar tank is easier then ever!

The all new clearomizer systems all you to simply change a coil and not have replace the whole tank!
It also allows for the purist taste and vapor experience when used with your favorite Aristo Reserve E Cigar Juice!

You now have the option to add the All New STUBBY Battery to your order as well!
The All New Stubby Battery is 650mah and only 3.2 inches long!

This kit includes:

1 Full 900mah Rechargeable Battery W/Mouth Piece
1 Clearomizer W/Coil
1 USB V2 Charging System
1 Easy Start Manual